Canteen Company: Canteen Vehicle Data Analysis

The Canteen Company:  Canteen Vehicle Data Analysis;
The initial testing was conducted on 8 vehicles. These vehicles were chosen because of the consistency of the data available. Most of these vehicles run the same route, normally has the same load weight and uses the same driver. The test was conducted over a 120 day period. (All data is in exhibit A) The base line (before GasMaxx installation) period was July 1-Sept. 30 2015. The testing period (after GasMaxx installation) was from October 1, 2015 through January 30, 2016.

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The testing data shows that the vehicles tracked had an overall increase of 10% in fuel economy.  
The average cost per gallon of fuel before GasMaxx installation (July-Sept.) was $3.24
The average cost per gallon of fuel after GasMaxx installation (Oct.-Jan.) was $2.70
The average for the 7 months was $2.97.
*Horsepower was between 225-255 for Ford 4.6 L and GM 5.4 L engines.

To ensure the data was consistent in its findings, four (4) random vehicles in the fleet to analyzed for the same period.  No GASMAXX installed.  This is the controlled group

*GasMaxx Reduces Emissions (CO2, NoX, HydroCarbons, Particulate Matter) by up to 60%.