Trailer Sentry

Lock your trailer or your cab to prevent theft.  The Trailer Sentry Security System provides you the ability to lock your trailer/cab through our proprietary combination of hardware and software. Our system installs in less than 20 minutes.  Our fully enclosed case bolts right to your frame rails underneath the trailer/cab.  Download our lock application and you’re done!

Our patent pending Trailer Sentry™ solution makes it easy to lock your trailer to prevent theft.  The Trailer Sentry™ Security System provides you the ability to lock your trailer through our proprietary combination of hardware and software. The fully enclosed case bolts right to your frame rails underneath the trailer.  Download our lock application and you’re done!  Trailer Sentry Security System. (Dimensions are 6” W x 8” L x 4” H)

When the system is “unlocked”, the air brake system operates normally.  When you want to lock your trailer, you simply open the software application on your phone, enter your 6 digit code, press the “lock” button and our system will “switch” the valve to the off position.  This action will engage the braking system to simulate as if someone is applying the trailer brakes.  The brakes will stay in this position until released by the software “unlock” button on your mobile device. Mobile app works on IOS (Apple) and Android operating systems

* Works on Android and Apple IOS operating systems. *

For an additional add on we have the Cargo Guard Door Lock Systemts22
The Cargo Guard™ is an added feature to the Trailer Sentry™ product. Linear actuators are mounted to the inside of the trailer door and attached to the Trailer Sentry™ via a wiring harness. 

One can now lock and unlock the trailer doors from the inside by using the Trailer Sentry™ app via a 6 digit code. 

When the app is initiated, the metal bar in the actuator rises up behind the top of the trailer frame. This forms a seal that cannot be seen or breached.  To unlock, simply initiate the app’s unlocking procedure and the trailer doors will open.


Example linear actuator shown in picture.
The Cargo Guard™ door locking system can be added to the Trailer Sentry™ at any time.
This is a proprietary locking system to be integrated with the Trailer Sentry.

Can anyone with the software application “unlock” my braking system?

No, the software is programmable to a specific 4 digit “pin” that responds to your unit only.

Trailer Sentry – Is the unit water proof?

Yes, the unit is fully enclosed and water proof.  It has hinged door with a locking feature.  It is made of hardened plastic that will stand up to years of usage.  The unit is designed to meet NEMA 6P/IP68 ratings, UL Listed to UL 508A, Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 5, 6, 6P, 12 &13 and is UL94V-0 flame rated.

What if I lose power to my mobile device or cannot find my mobile device?

Yes, to be discussed with owners of the product about using direct access..

What is the range for locking or unlocking the unit from my mobile device?

The system is a Blue Tooth interface and has a maximum range of 300 feet.  Other variables such as terrain, weather, power, etc. may affect the operating distance.

Trailer Sentry – How much time does it take to install the unit?

The unit takes between 20-30 minutes to install.  It can be mounted under the trailer anywhere it can interface with the brake lines.

Trailer Sentry – What is the warranty period?

The warranty is for 3 years from date of purchase.  The air control valves and other components are DOT approved.

Do you have any independent test results about your product?

Yes, please see out test result page.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product with in the first 90 days