Placer County DieselMaxx Trial

Placer County elected to trial 3 DieselMaxx Vapor Pressure Enhancers on a Ford F-350, a Freightliner Equipment Hauler with a Mercedes 4000 engine and a Placer County Express Bus with a 415 hp Cummins engine.  Placer County has over 1000 vehicles in their fleet.  Below are the installation pictures with pertinent information.

Installed an DieselMaxx #4 on a Ford F-350 vehicle used by Placer County daily for various projects.

Snow plow from the 40’s restored.

Placer County Express Bus with a Cummins 415 hp engine.  We installed an DieselMaxx #5

Master Mechanic Marc Plante installing an DieselMaxx #5 on a Placer Co. Heavy Equipment

DieselMaxx #5 finished installation on Freightliner with Mercedes 4000 engine.