Locomotive Testing

Maxx Systems Fuel Saving Project for Locomotives
Pilot Project Report – Project start date – April 15, 2015
Project by UPHILL Fueltech Private Limited, Delhi


Raigarh location has 15 locomotives. Each locomotive runs approximate 5,000 hours annually and consumes approximately 50,000 liters of diesel annually. Coal is transported at Raipur facility by network of Rail system comprising of 15 Locomotives with Cummins engines. All these engines run on diesel fuel. Based on three months of testing, fuel savings were 7.18% and smoke was reduced almost 50%.

Based on the pilot test, here is the summary for LOCO#13

  • Fuel savings 7.18%
  • Fuel savings for LOCO #13 Rs.1,59,000 annually
  • Payback time for investment 8.34 months
  • Return on investments 144%
  • Engine performance will be improved
  • It will extend life of Locomotive
  • 8,100 Kg of Carbon emissions reduced annually.

UPHILL Fueltech Technology

Technology is patented and proven US technology which has been in existence since 2000 and has been even approved by USA federal government agencies thru GSA. Maxx systems technology helps in reducing fuel consumption 5%-12% and reduces carbon emissions up to 50% depending upon the engine type and other variable factors such as fuel type, age, condition of engine, load and driving conditions. Maxx Products work with Diesel, petrol and natural gas.

How Maxx Technology works?
Technology works on simple principle of making the fuel more combustible by converting complex fuel molecules in to smaller molecules while increasing REED vapor pressure. 
Initial impact of the Maxx System
As soon as the Maxx Product was installed, smoke coming out of the exhaust hood was reduced about 50% and could be visually observed.

Pre installation data for Loco #13 – Source- Raigarh plant

Running Hours & Diesel Consumption (Before Installation of Maxx Product)

Base line – Fuel consumption for LOCO #13
3 Months (May, June, July -2014) Total fuel used =14,090 liters
3 Months (May, June, July -2014) total Hours engine operated = 1,426
Base line Fuel consumption for LOCO #13= 9.88 liters/Hour

Post installation data for LOCO #13
Running Hours & Diesel Consumption (After Installation of Maxx Product System)


Fuel savings by Maxx Products 7.18% based on 3 months