AutoVentions is a research and development company dedicated to producing technologies that promote engine efficiencies and engine emissions reductions across a wide range of applications. AV has designed and developed various technologies with a wide variety of applications. We have also partnered with other technology companies to bring our customers the best of engine efficiencies. (All of our products are tested in independent laboratories and in real operating conditions on customer fleets ) The fuel efficiency products decrease fuel consumption and reduce emissions as follows.

The DieselMaxx/GasMaxx increases fuel economy from 5-25% and reduces emissions 30, 40 and sometimes up to 80% after product installation. The DieselMaxx/GasMaxx family of products is scalable in size to address a wide range of engine sizes. The Eco System will work on the smallest engines all the way up to Locomotives.

Xpand Lubrication. Xpand metal conditioner was developed and used by NASA as an anti-friction and metal conditioning product. When added to the engine, gearbox or other moving parts, it reduces friction and heat. These reductions allow the engine to function more efficiently and produce better results.

On Board Oil Treatment. The On Board Oil Treatment product is an oil system treatment that allows up to 250,000 miles between oil changes. The oil does not lose any viscosity and is very easy to maintain.

CobraClean: Industrial Grease Cleaner & Remover , Biodegradable, Non Acidic, Non Caustic

Safety Products Automatically Applied Braking System. (In Development) (AAB) The AAB system uses a combination of hardware and software to monitor various aspects of a vehicle. If there is vehicle movement in an unoccupied vehicle, the AAB system will activate and stop the vehicle from moving. We see the AAB as a product that could be adopted by all the major automotive and delivery truck manufactures.