Welcome all Canteen Branches – National Fuel Saving Program 

Autoventions has a national implementation and pricing plan available to Canteen offices.

Autovettions Inc. of Sacramento, Ca. installed its GasMaxx fuel saving product on 8 vehicles (service vans and box trucks) at the Sacramento Canteen offices in late September 2015.  The vehicles were selected by John Coats (Operations Manager) and Ken Legault (General Manager) to get a good cross section of vehicles.  The vehicles were used to determine the fuel savings benefits for the Canteen fleet.

The pilot project was in place 4 months.  After the 4 month pilot, a “before” and “after” data analysis was performed.  Canteen Sacramento used data (miles driven and gallons used) from the 3 previous months (the before) to determine the average MPG for each vehicle in the pilot.  The same data was used for the 4 months post installation of the G (the after).  Full report is available. It was determined that the overall fuel savings per vehicle was 10%+.  This represented over a $2,100 a month fuel savings for the Sacramento Canteen office.

Easy Lease Purchase Program:
Autoventions now has in place an Easy Lease Program for Canteen branches through US Bank.  There is no capital expenditure for the program. US Bank supports a leasing program of 12, 24 or 36 months for the GasMax fuel saving equipment.  The interest rate is about 4.5% per annum.

Canteen Data-Sacramento:
Based on the pilot of the vehicles tested, the fuel savings was 10%+.  Based on 30 vehicles installing the GasMaxx technology, it would result in a monthly savings of $ 2,075.00.

The total cost for additional 30 units is (30 vehicles x $595) = $17,850 + $1,428 (tax) for a total of $19,278. The monthly fuel savings pay for the monthly lease.  Actually, the lease payment is less than the monthly fuel savings so the lease is cash flow positive.

Below is lease payments with fuel savings for the Sacramento branch for a 12 and 24 month lease.

Equipment for 30 vehicles is $17,850 + 1,517.25 (tax, were applicable) = $19,267.25

Monthly Savings 12 Mth/ Lease Mth + Cash Flow  Yearly + Cash Flow
$ 2,075.00 $ 1,621.49 $ 329.60 $ 3,955.20
Monthly Savings 24 Mth/ Lease Mth + Cash Flow Yearly + Cash Flow
$ 2,075.00  $ 871.04  $ 1,203.96  $ 14,447.52

The lease does not start until 30-45 days after shipping so the branch can install the units.  This gives Canteen the ability to start saving prior to the first lease payment. At the end of the lease payment, Canteen owns the product and the savings keep accumulating monthly.

  • We will coordinate the product installation training and show your on site mechanics how to install the units.
  • All the GasMaxx units come complete with an installation kit.
  • There is no modification required for the installation.
  • Installations usually take 15-20 minutes
  • No maintenance required.
  • Five year product warranty.
  • Over 35,000 units installed on various fleets.


Click on the Fleet Form Submission button. Fill out the fleet information form and submit to our offices.  We will then send you back a purchase price and a lease program for your fleet. Decide which option works best for you and we will coordinate the necessary paper work to get the GasMaxx units shipped and installation scheduled.  You can start saving money immediately

IMPORTANT In order to get the right installation kits for each vehicle, please fill out the vehicle information as best you can.


Year Make Model Engine Quantity
2011 Ford E-250 5.4 L 20

Installation kits for all engines to make installs quick and easy.

Submit your information at the secure link below and we will be in touch shortly.
Thank You, Autoventions