Canteen Corporation and Autoventions moving forward with the GasMaxx Product


October 12, 2016

After 4 months of testing the GasMaxx fuel saver product from Autoventions, Canteen Corp. is moving forward with deploying the GasMaxx technology for its fleet of nearly 4,000 vehicles.

The GasMaxx trial was performed at the Sacramento Branch of Canteen using 8 test vehicles that were monitored monthly.  The trial showed an average 10% fuel savings over the 4 month period.  The fuel savings are estimated in the millions of dollars of cost savings for Canteen nation-wide. 

The reduction in the amount of fuel used equals big savings for the environment.  With every gallon of fuel saved, it eliminates 19.2 lbs of Carbon Dioxide emissions.  Canteen will be reducing its carbon foot print by hundreds of tons of harmful emissions year after year. 

In addition, the fuel that they do use will produce cleaner emission by up to 60% due to the GasMaxx causing the fuel to burn cleaner. 

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