Changing the industry with innovative products!

AutoVentions is a research and development company dedicated to producing technologies that promote engine efficiencies and engine emission reductions across a wide range of applications. AV has also designed and developed cargo security products for the trucking industry, and has partnered with other technology companies to bring the most effective solutions to our customers. (All of our products are tested in independent laboratories and in real operating conditions on customer fleets )

Stop - Lock - Locate

Prevent Theft! The Trailer Sentry Security System Solution provides the ability to lock your trailer (via the driver or through dispatch) with our proprietary combination of hardware and software. Our system installs in less than 20 minutes and is designed with a customer friendly app for ease of use and increased peace of mind (or increased control of your cargo)


A fuel enhancement system proven
to save 5 -15% on fuel consumption.
GasMaxx/DieselMaxx products provide a better burning fuel to your engine while reducing emissions up to 80%.

"Keeps engines running better and running longer." Made in the USA.

Max Cleaner

Industrial Grease Cleaner & Remover . Biodegradable, Non Acidic, Non Caustic. This outstanding product has the ability to clean/degrease many parts and surfaces. From School Buses to Garage Floors, Cobra Clean gets the job done. Large containers of this product available for service centers and facilities. Smaller orders available in case lots.


Whether you get the Gas Maxx or Diesel Maxx ... FUEL COSTS MATTER. Make the best choice today with Autoventions.